R/C Ground Station

The R/C Ground Station (RCGS) reads telemetry units from the remote vehicle.

Using the AGWPE sound card packet driver ( http://www.raag.org/sv2agw/ ) the packets of telemetry data are decoded and passed on to the ground station software via TCP.

The ground stations software has 5 views.


Full Screen - RCGS can be toggled into "Full Screen" mode to maximize the viewing area when flying using VR Glasses. A foot switch that plugs into your USB port allows you to cycle through each view without having to take your hands of the controls of your vehicle.

Internal Video Overlay - A video image from the remote vehicle may be overlaid on to RCGS using a standards video capture card.

Alarms - Alarms may be set for RSSI signal form the planes receiver, Max/Min Altitude, Max/Min Speed, Max distance from point of origin.

APRS - Passes APRS packets back to AGWPE to be broadcasted to a DigiPeater..

Classical Instrumentation View

HUD View

Tracker View

Table View

Map View