Welcome to the R/C Pilot Project

The R/C Pilot Project is an Open Source Initiative to create an aerial vehicle that can be flown in either unmanned or remote piloted situations suitable for aerial observation, aerial photography, small payload deployment and personal amusement.

The main goal of the R/C Pilot Project is to keep cost and complexity to a minimum so that as many people as possible can follow, build and contribute to the project.

The project is broken down into separate modules that are able communicate with each other.

R/C Autopilot RCAP uses GPS to navigate to waypoints or follow a route. It also communicates GPS information to the RCPCM.
R/C Altitude Hold RCAH uses barometric pressure sensors to keep the vehicle at a steady altitude. It also communicates Altitude and barometric pressure data to the RCPCM.
R/C Speed Hold RCSH manages the throttle of the vehicle to maintain a constant air speed. It also communicates air speed data to the RCPCM.
R/C Packet Modem RCPM uses a short version of the AX.25 protocol to transmit telemetry data back to the RCGS.
R/C Payload Trigger RCPT enable you to program a waypoint to trigger either a payload, a camera or many other devices.
R/C Ground Station RCGS allows you to view remote telemetry from the vehicle as well as track its progress and record the flight data. It may be overlaid onto a live video image from the vehicle.
R/C Power and Communications Module RCPCM manages power and communications between the different modules.
PCM Plane Locator Is an audio plane locator and low voltage alarm for PCM receivers. R/C Fuel Monitor: RCFM measures and reports fuel level back to the RCPCM.


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NMEA Definitions

Telemetry Data Specs

Java Coding Style Guide for the R/C Pilot Project

Note: All module specific datasheets wil be moved out of the CVS and will keep them on the web server.

Datasheets for modules:

R/C Plane Locator

R/C Pilot Team

Michael J. Pawlowsky - Project Manager

Peter Wooster - Java Developer RCGS

Ian Dallas - Java Developer RCGS

Val Petrov - Test Pilot (Consultant)

Mike Duddy - Website Design

Help Wanted:

Volunteers in the following disciplines:

Electronic Engineer
Technical Writer (to write an RFC)
Graphic Designer
Java Swing Programmer
PHP programmer

If you want to help out that would be great! Please contact a project admin through SourceForge.Net.


R/C Pilot Project on SourceForge.

Java USB Project on SourceForge.